Japanese soap Tamanohada muscovado
Japanese soap Tamanohada muscovado
Japanese soap Tamanohada muscovado

Japanese soap Tamanohada muscovado

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A soap that is taking you to a sweet scent trip everytime

This soap comes in the form of the Japanese celebratory fish, the bream ! This beautiful, delicate shape was created using a process based on the wooden mold used to make the Japanese sweet called Rakugan.

It can be given as a gift for various occasions, not only as a normal gift, but also as a wedding gift, a coming of age gift, a thank you gift or a gift for your new neighbors !

Tamanohada soaps are made from entirely plant based material. This soap series is made to give your skin an extra gentle care, and thus could be used for washing your body and also your face.


It's texture is between liquid and milk, leaving a delicate moisturize protection and scent to your skin. Leaving your soap on a small dish will also lightly perfume your bathroom.

  • Place of origin: Tokyo, Japan

  • RSPO mixed natural oils

  • Packed size: 250*130*40mm


  1. Black: Muscovado (Sweet)

  2. Red: Pomegranate (Fruit)

  3. White: Lily (Flower)

Founded in 1892, Tamanohada is one of the oldest soap company in Japan. Based in Tokyo, they debuted by producing soaps for schools and hospitals. In 2003, they started their first line of branded soaps, with a popularity growing year by year.

Each soap is made using a carved wood mold, like traditional Japanese pastries, using "RSPO" vegetable oils, a certification made in collaboration with Green Peace against deforestation.

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