Plante Spécimen 200ml


Putting plants in the heart of daily life and interior design. Though it sounds quite classic, some designers managed to create a modern, minimalistic, and poetic concept out of it: the bottled plants.

A plant in a bottle? Why would I need that?

In their radically innovative style, Lee and Jeong, the founders of “Slow Pharmacy” are trying to give plants a whole new artistic and philosophical approach as a part of the interior architecture. According to them, this concept could help people by giving them a new way to think about work, free time, or even time and life in general. It could even “replace a television set” and determine relationships. Quite deep, isn’t it?

In the same type of tendency as slow travel or slow food, for example, the idea is to appreciate more the essential aspects of daily life, by giving a minimalistic twist to the interior. Less is more.

So, it is just an ornament?

Well… No, not really. It is true that some could say it is “just” an ornament. But two things are to consider before reducing this product to “just” some kind of decoration.

First, the approach. The simple fact of buying such a deeply minimalistic item should reflect your own philosophy and way of living. Take a moment to think where this gorgeous plant would sublimate your interior, place it, and it will be an everyday reminder for you. What you do to your interior, you do it to yourself. Simple, but deep.

Second, the fact that plants help your mental health. Yes: looking at a plant is proved to be helpful for your health! Plus, the geometric structure of the plant that seems to be levitating in the bottle, makes it look like a tiny painting.

So basically, it is a form of art-therapy. So much so, that the founders Jeong and Lee offer prescriptions after face-to-face meetings, to define for you, the best suited, tailor-made design. Then, they create it by selecting and inserting (by hand) every single piece of plant, which is naturally unique.

Sadly, the one-to-one consultations are only available in Seoul, South Korea… But still, this product of pure therapeutical aesthetics is available in our shop, and each specimen is delicately selected and hand-bottled in Seoul.

Find the one that matches you to give a delicate touch of beauty in your life from within, and get your own elegant and minimalistic reminder of this art de vivre.

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